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Electromagnetic Induction And Its Propagation by Eric Dollard
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Preview of Theory, Calculation & Operation of Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer by Eric Dollard

20:1 Scale Model Tesla Magnifying Transmitter
20:1 Scale Model Tesla Magnifying Transmitter

For the last 3.5 weeks, Eric Dollard has been at my (Aaron Murakami’s) home and one of the most if not THE most refined presentation he has ever given is being created. It is Theory, Calculation & Operation of Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer, which will be given at the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference in July.

This presentation will be the most comprehensive analysis of Tesla’s Colorado Springs Magnifying Transmitter ever given complete with a working demonstration. This is destined to become an instant classic as it is probably the most desired quintessential topic that has defined much of Nikola Tesla’s work and everyone wants to learn about it.

There is a lot of information online about Tesla’s Colorado Springs Magnifying Transmitter along with Tesla’s own writings called Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900.

Unfortunately, much of the information online is incorrect, the calculations are wrong and contrary to the popular idea about scale-ability, it is not scaleable in a truly linear fashion. These are a few of the practical reasons why nobody has really built a true scale model replica until now, which is what Eric Dollard will be demonstrating at the conference.

Just because someone has a primary, secondary and extra coil transmitting to a matched receiver and they can demonstrate lighting lights remotely or sending signals in the same manner, that does not mean it is automatically replicating what Tesla actually did the same way that Tesla did it. That is why this upcoming presentation is a one-of-a-kind that is sure to inspire generations to come.

Watch this brief video where Eric Dollard gives a basic overview of
Theory, Calculation & Operation of Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer:

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