The Power Of The Aether As Related To Music And Electricity


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Eric Dollard demystifies the aether and gives it tangible form and substance while attempting to demonstrate how it is the medium of creation. Below is a synopsis of each section of this presentation that is nearly 4 hours long!


For many years, it was thought that there were magical interactions between things at a distance much like quantum physics of today.

Michael Faraday developed the ideas of the Lines of Force, which shows the interconnectivity between electrified and magnetized objects.

J.J. Thomson is the key person here who allowed us to express this in simple mathematical form.

Classical music composer Charles Roland Berry and Robert Emin discussing some of the relationships between music, electricity and harmonics with Eric Dollard

Aether, Electricity & Life

This section explores the all-permeating golden ratio log periodic structure. It regulates the process of life and creation. It is the geometric basis for it. This is demonstrated through the Tesla monopolar electrical discharge. Once this discharge manifests, the process follows the morphic fields, which are the potential forms that exists in the aether. Gustav LeBon’s work is important in understanding these concepts.

Levitation & Harmonics

The Walls of Jericho are not an energetic process but are a direct result of the action of the aether upon the structure of matter. The binding forces that hold matter together are neutralized causing it to fall apart. It appears that this process can be used in reverse to cause the creation of matter. This is a primary process of the aether.

An example of something that is an energy process is Tibetan rock launching. It is thought that the rocks are levitating, but it is not levitation in the normal sense. There is a convergence of harmonic sounds, which results in a cumulative energy process. This concentrates all of this energy in a very short period of time with a very intense magnitude, which is known as an impulse. This does not levitate the rocks, but rather launches them into the air in a normal physical trajectory. This is the process of harmonic energy convergence.

Substation Of God

This is an analogy between church architecture and electrical substations. This converts very dangerous potentials into a safe and manageable form.

The impedance of the transformer at a substation performs this transformation just like the pipe organ performs this transformation in the church. They can only couple so much energy before destroying themselves. In the church, the equal temperament scale is what tames the energy.

The roof of the church is metal, which becomes radioactive with a very tall antenna, which becomes a capacitor that polarizes the aether inside the building. The church becomes highly electrified during cosmic events, which is not a daily phenomena. The electrification is channelled through dielectric induction into the substance of the building and this allows people listening to this music to experience supernatural phenomena.

The entire process is modulated by the pipe organ so that the sound interacts with the dielectric induction and consequently the aether. The formative forces take control during these events and produce the subjective sensation that the church is literally going to explode. The individuals experiencing these processes become separated from their bodies and become one with the form and field within the church. This is something that cannot be called upon at will but is made possible during times of cosmic convergences.

Universe Alpha Vs. Universe Omega

Originally, mankind was on a path that is in alignment with the harmonic natural laws of the universe. This was from the time of Pythagoras up to Johann Sebastian Bach. Then, the big shift came. This divergence basically turned everything inside out. All of this understanding has become denied and despised. There has been a deliberate attempt to make this knowledge suppressed and outlawed.

Today, we are still on this dark road into the abyss. Mankind is denied any further connection with the cosmos. What has been substituted are the notions of evolution, relativity and quantum mysticism and mankind only exists for its economic value and is reduced to a component in a telephone exchange. Communism is the flower of all of this and the faces of its leaders speaks for itself.

Pythagoras The Gateway

Pythagoras takes us back to Universe Alpha by retracing his steps. During his time, people had higher levels of power and deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Universe. He created the basic structure of music and its intervals and later Plato turned this into the musical scale. The original science of music was to understand the harmonic laws of the universe rather than for purposes of entertainment, which was highly rejected. This lays the foundation for music as we know it in our culture today.

Plato And The Demiurge

Plato extends the teachings of Pythagoras in encrypted and enigmatic forms, which are still not thoroughly understood by scholars to this day. The Demiurge was the cosmic engineer holding the musical scale, which represents the creation of the universe. The end result was the diatonic musical scale, which is the foundation for the musical scale, which exists today in our culture.

Musical Scales

This goes into a full discussion of the log periodic and Versor form of the musical scales as they exist both today and in antiquity. This connects it back to the log periodic form of life and its creation through the log periodic spiral.

Dark Ages To Renaissance

All of this information went underground in the dark ages and most of the proponents for this were killed. At this time, we were given the first Theory of Relativity that declared that instead of being in a heliocentric universe, we existed in a geocentric universe. This was proposed by Ptolemy and it was enforced with an iron fist for a millennia resulting in the death of many philosophers.

In the middle ages, neo-Pythagorean and neo-Platonic thinking was reawakened and there was light at the end of the tunnel leading back to Universe Alpha. This was the period at which the cathedral and pipe organ and the development of music started to take hold. This was when the substation of God was reinvented and music was composed for cosmic purposes. This led to the renaissance, which was the re-awakening of classical thought. 

Kirchner, Fludd & Kepler

The renaissance led to development of the knowledge of Kirchner, Fludd and Kepler. This led back to the harmonic laws of the universe and the engineering of music into its current form.

Kirchner represented the knowledge of Church as a Jesuit scholar. He was considered the most knowledgeable man in the known world of his time.

Fludd takes us back to the occult knowledge of the ancients. He was attempting to preserve this knowledge before it became lost forever. This necessarily put him at odds with the church.

Kepler developed the geometric aspect of the harmonic laws of the universe. He took us from a geocentric universe back to a heliocentric universe.

All three of them contributed extensively to the advancements in musical theory and re-established the concept of the music of the spheres as originally understood by Pythagoras. And with the uprising of Martin Luther, the church lost its power over these matters.

Bach And Symmetrical Co-Ordinate Systems

Bach is the synthesis of all of this by developing a truly cosmic music, which transcended space, time and matter and could bring the substation of God into its full power. He was the Tesla of music.

The Aether Physics Of J.J. Thomson

Thomson came up with the dynamics of Faraday’s Lines of Force, which he called Tubes of Electric Induction and this became an engineerable manifestation of the aether even though the aether itself remains an unknown.

His most important concept is that the aether is the storehouse of momentum. This means that when the aether is electrified, it exhibits the properties of a substance with inertia and momentum that acts upon physical matter.

This leads to an understanding that matter in and of itself is an accretion of the aether. Thomson shows that the aether is a substance that is directly engineerable both mathematically and in concrete form and that there is a direct equivalence between aether and matter.

J.J. Thomson’s work has not been understood very well as there is no continuity between the variables used in his mathematical equations. One letter may represent something in one part of his writings and it may mean something entirely different in another. Part of this work has been to straighten out the confusion in his book Electricity and Matter so that others can begin to see what he was getting at. This has never been done until now!

This is the practical foundation for not only understanding the physics of the aether, but in being able to apply practical engineering to it.

Part of the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (225 mins downloadable video).