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Lone Pine Writings Part 1 – A Common Language For Electrical Engineering

Lone Pine Writings Part 1 – A Common Language For Electrical Engineering by Eric Dollard covers the definitions of terms and the relationships between the various operators of electrical engineering. Eric Dollard starts at the very beginning. What is a “dimension”? What is the difference between a dimension and a co-ordinate? What is Time? What is Space? What is electric induction? What words and measuring units are formally used to express these concepts in electrical engineering terms? Remarkably, most people don’t know.


  • The clear, and unambiguous definition of more than 40 terms used in electrical engineering, including the “four primary dimensions” and the units that represent the multitude of their interactions
  • The complete description of how each of these terms is derived and the quality, function, or operation they represent
  • An in-depth treatment of the underlying dimensions of Time and Space and how the flow of electric induction is modified by these fundamental elements of the Natural World
  • You come away with a completely integrated understanding of “what electricity is”, how it behaves, how to accurately describe these behaviors, and how to measure each of its characteristics in the proper units

Lone Pine Writings Part 1 is also available in paperback format on Amazon.com

Lone Pine Writings Part 2 – Collected Essays

Lone Pine Writings Part 2 – Collected Essays is the second book by Eric Dollard, and consists of five more essays written over 9 months, from the Fall of 2011 to the Summer of 2012.


  • The complete explanation of how Einsteinian Relativity has subverted the understanding of electrical engineering; how the “imaginary” has been represented as the “real”
  • The detailed description of how Time and Space relate back to the Aether, and the mathematical operators that allow these dimensions of reality to be modelled
  • The complete report on the building of an Alexanderson Array in Bolinas, California, and the symbolic operators that are needed to mathematically describe how it produces signal transmissions with instantaneous propagation
  • The “Law of Electromagnetic Induction” fully described. The errors of the past are brought into clear view, and corrected in the light of previous writings. Electrical engineering can finally move forward!