Telluric Research

This section is dedicated to work being conducted by both EPD Laboratories and associates who are contributing to the development of Nikola Tesla’s Wireless Earth transmission.

Telluric Test Platform Half-Scale

Replication by Griffin Brock

Proposed Telluric Transmission Testing Platform

The three figures below outline the exact physical proportions of a testing deck for telluric transmission coils, as designed by Eric Dollard himself. Click this link to view a half scale replication constructed by Griffin Brock.

August 21 – August 26, 2022

Earth Ground Impedance Measurements, Coil Properties, Ferrite Cores

Recently, fellow colleague Hakasays had designated time to visit Eric Dollard in Tonopah, and assist in finalizing the Earth ground connection at the lab site. Further testing was accomplished after welding of the water tanks was completed, of which radio frequency was supplied to the connection via a coil setup. As shown in previous work, the same 1860 Kilocycle coil was employed in the first round of testing with the tanks, although it was soon found that this coil possesses some inadequate characteristics. These burdening attributes were also found to be true with the use of #43 ferrite as well as #61 ferrite cores for coil to ground impedance matching. The following videos demonstrate the overall efforts made at EPD Labs during this duration.

Photographs taken of this project are available in the Photos tab atop this website’s menu bar, or simply click on the following link here.

January 9, 2022

Initial Telluric Work at EPD Laboratories, Tonopah Nevada

In early January of 2022, the team members of EPD Laboratories gathered in Tonopah for the development of a more established Tesla radio broadcasting point over the duration of a few days. A dual set of coils which was specifically constructed for this operation was brought to Tonopah for further investigation. The initial constraints for this operation was to employ the pre-existing buried water tank reservoirs located near the building as a ground point termination for the transmitting and receiving apparatuses, granted these tanks possess low electrical impedance for the corresponding transmit signal. It should also be noted that this ground system is suitable for power line interference monitoring systems, as a future project for EPD Labs is to further analyze the vast sea of zero sequence harmonic currents which are produced by the power grid.

The video below shows the progress which was carried out during this duration, showing the telluric coils used for operation, and related radio frequency apparatuses. The general frequency being employed in this configuration is 1.86 Megacycles, allocating all transmission in the middle of the 160 meter amateur radio band.

If the experimenter wishes to replicate the coils used in the video, or desires to investigate the complex properties of a Tesla Resonant Transformer, then the following engineering report should be adhered to. This report outlines the dimensions, physical and electrical characteristics of the coils, and gives examples of telluric testing. It should be borne in mind that certain information given in the report regarding impedance matching transformer cores is considered slightly out of date, since the ferrite material initially used has been replaced with lower attenuation cores.