Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves and Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity


These videos are classics from the 1980s.

The first shows you the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves and then some practical demonstrations. The second goes deeper into longitudinal waves including a transmission demonstration.

Einstein’s so-called speed of light limit is circumvented since the longitudinal propagation goes through counterspace, which is instantaneous meaning there is no velocity. It is not “faster than light”, it is instantaneous extraluminal transmission, which is way more advanced than what Einstein was ever able to conceive.

Peter Lindemann is the filmographer and has always retained his film copyright and Eric Dollard is the creator of the content and has always retained his content copyrights. Both Peter Lindemann and Eric Dollard has given full reproduction rights to A & P Electronic Media for these videos. You may download these versions and upload them to your own YouTube accounts to help share the word about Eric Dollard’s work.

5 thoughts on “Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves and Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity

  1. So glad to see Eric getting traction online. Sorry the parasites keep attacking.

  2. Ultimately, we are responsible for whomever attacks us. Their minds may pervert Nature’s tendency which inclines all of us to help one another. Yet, it is our duty — if they come to us pleading for help (in a perverted fashion of attacking us) — to nurture and nourish them. For it is the highest law of Mother Nature that “All things must grow” (and there is no object in Creation which is not also a subject). Karma is the second highest law of Nature. So, errors of omission are just as karmically deadly as are errors of commission — if not more so due to whatever ignorance blinds us to our duty to help one another — even if in the face of antagonism.

    The solution?…..

    If we make rain by churning the aether with a psionic circuit — a good example being Trevor Constable’s rainmaking methodology cited at: — then we may share this vortexial breakup of DOR (deadly stagnant orgone / prana) by first churning up the aether in a mild manner wherever we are located, and then sending a portion of it through the Earth (via a variation of Tesla’s style of wireless transmission of power and communications) to whomever gives the outward appearance of being our detractor.

    The circuit is a marriage of: Wilhelm Reich, Trevor Constable and Peter Lindemann, along with whomever invented the circuit noted in “The Secret Life of Plants” and revived more recently (as noted in one of Aaron’s newsletters) in which a psionic circuit broadcasts to a field of crops a psionic influence dedicated to eradicating pests without the use of pesticides.

    Our detractors may never want to support us in their lifetime, but their withdrawal of their antagonism is a modest show of support.

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    Our psionic circuit must never be used in offense, for this is precisely where the Nazis made their mistake. It must only be used in defense lest we ultimately destroy ourselves. There is no escape from karma.

    So, if we merely wait for an antagonist to appear on our personal horizon, and then only respond to complete the cycle of whirlwind which they have already initiated, then their karma will be fulfilled and their cycle of initiation will have become completed. But if we initiate any cycle of exploitation of our own — out of egotism, greed, etc. — then we stand to reap the eventual collapse of the very whirlwind which we have created. Fasting and silent prayer (not asking for anything, but putting ourselves at the feet of our chosen icon of devotion, as in the practice of yoga meditation) is a good antidote for whatever mistakes we initiate, ourselves.

  3. same experiment by german prof Meyl. From 10:00 to 20:00 for experiment.

    1. What year did Prof Meyl do this?

      1. In the begin he says 10 years since 1999, so around 2010. I discovered this video 4 months ago. Yesterday watched the Borderlandvideo’s again and got the picture, great video’s, Origins of Energy(=nr1) Is Eric Dollard familiar with Meyl’s work? Think it would by nice they know about each other. What Meyl calls Scalar equals Dollards Longitudinal (half PI*c). I follow Eric’s work since 4/2013. (the Netherlands)

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