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Alexanderson Antenna Coil Scale Replica

The following images depict the first attempt of replicating a potential-shunt coil, as employed in the original Alexanderson Antenna transmission design. Such antenna configurations were employed in Bolinas California, with one example (Grimeton SAQ) still in operational status. The potential coil replicated, shown in figure 1, consists of an eight foot wide by 6 foot tall coil, consisting of ten individual winding layers. Each layer possesses supporting insulators for holding eight conductors in total per layer. The novel simplicity of a multiplicity of coil windings upon a single form, allows for the achievement of low frequency (L.F.) operation, whilst maintaining efficiency to a decent degree, as well as a lessening self-capacity, in contrast to vertically wound L.F. coils.

Fig. 1. – Potential coil
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