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Shadowgraph Tube – Emission Pattern

The following figure represents the emission pattern of rays emanating from a Tesla style Shadowgraph Tube, suspected to be producing the effect of radiant matter via a mono-heated cathode electrode of Aluminum.

Measurements were obtained with a standard GM tube at varying distances, indicated by the circular lines measured in twenty foot intervals. The top of the diagram represents the forward facing direction of the tube with respect to the electrode’s surface, and likewise, the opposite direction of which resembles the backside of the tube. Observations were also determined at right angles to the tube, indicated by the perpendicular dotted lines, as well at forty-five degree angles in both forward and opposite directions. The intensity of the emitting rays is determined by the reference key in the diagram, measured in units of mili-Rems. Notice, the vast range of the tube’s rays, extending themselves to distances in excess of four hundred feet.

It must be noted that the safety associated with these rays have thus far concluded themselves to induce no adverse effects on biological organisms and species. The reader will find the following article of interest which pertains to the matter, as directed by Griffin G. Brock.

Shadowgraph Rays on Biological Organisms

Further information will be disclosed in due time.

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