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Electromagnetic Induction And Its Propagation by Eric Dollard

Eric Dollard discusses Versor algebra part 3 and/or fortescue part 2

This video is from a visit to EPD Laboratories, Inc. down in Nevada early October 2020. Eric Dollard is discussing the material coming together for Versor Algebra 3, which is related to his upcoming presentation on Fortescue, which would be part 2 coming to the 2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

You can learn more about Versor Algebra Part 1 and 2 here: https://emediapress.com/?s=versor&post_type=product

Eric’s Fortescue presentation from the 2020 ESTC is avail here: https://emediapress.com/shop/method-symmetrical-co-ordinates-applied-solution-polyphase-networks-sequel-work-charles-fortescue-title/

Meet Eric Dollard live at the 2021 ESTC: Energy Conference

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Watch the video below:

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