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2016-11-20 Eric Dollard Live Call

Eric Dollard is calling in from a hospital bed in Nevada. We were going to cancel the scheduled call but he wanted to do it anyway. Details as to his current health condition are explained in the recording.

The main thing he wanted to share is that he is now receiving signals from the Earth with the Alexanderson Network, which is what the Advanced Seismic Warning System is about.

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5 thoughts on “2016-11-20 Eric Dollard Live Call

  1. Aaron, I hope to address you in this way. Just today I was allowed to expect delivery at Eric’s delivery address. A real important letter that could make him “topdog” of all physisists in the world. He is the man that showed repelling electrical forces not to exist. (origin of energy synthesis min. 47.00). Then something like a bad miracle happens on 1.24.17 when he tries to visualize the same kind of situation twisting his whole arm into a “physical reality” as he names it then. But physical reality has to be addressed with measurable methods. And how does one want to circumscribe a force that does not exist? At this very moment Eric contradicts his first mentioned explanation. Eric is being sucked in his many thousands pages of knowledge that is overwhelmingly littered with the adagio of attracting and repelling both in electricity and magnetism. And it is this what has caused understanding being sacrificed towards measurements. I consider Eric to be the only person apart from me to get a hold of (t)his problem. He can take and scientific supremacy as far as he wants. I know quite some more on all other major sciences than many will like in their respective fields but I rejected Eric’s career. If you understand this kind of “stuff” when 17 you want a decent personal life ahead and humanity is more interesting and important then physics in the long run. Aaron, I was introducing and inviting myself in this very letter to start organize the future.
    You know how hard it is to handle information in a way that it doesn’t end up in dead ends.
    I run a one man company since more than 30 years and in a very peculiar and undeniable way it is most known in the world. My bookstall has been filmed, photographed, selfied and advertised by a million or so and I had hundred thousands of compliments. Just two of my inventions created an ever changing peace of art and science (20.000 books in 60 m2 of old wine cases). A nobel prize winner in particle theory (Mr. Veltman) saw me and I addressed him fully with more than what you can be aware of in three letters, three visits and about as many hours. He could not argue against at least six mistakes. His goodbye were two empty palms saying: I’m 82, what can I do. (that happened more than three years ago). As far as I ever believed in anything it was America as we have a lot in common; us being a small very productive country because of our long relative and steady wealth and superpower USA who initiated trust and restored decent living at our mutual benefit.
    It is obvious that preservation of mankind is precisely where we are meant to be for. Time has come for understanding and the genuine american attitudes up till today are best in the world and they can go viral. There is little more to wish for, so please Aaron let me visit Eric when he wishes for it.

    1. Thanks Aaron, dom’t know what to say right now after just having left my girlfriend; might it have to do with confirmation procedures?
      Anyway, I’m real desperate to get to know you all. Promise it’s going to be exciting! Yours, Kees de Vos

      2016-11-30 19:55 GMT+01:00 Disqus :

      1. Aaron I pushed the send button a moment ago. The Meyl video’s took some hours off course. Hope to hear from you

  2. Hello Aaron,
    Recently a shaman confirmed Eric’s name in regards to something I’m being guided to build. I had a near death experience in 2014 and began producing mathematical physics following it. After discovering a palindromic code embedded in our number line ,(see link), which relates to energy as well as the project I am now aware both will impact humanity. I am hoping to briefly meet with Eric, share some structural analysis and find out if he has interest in helping this manifest.

  3. Aaron what happend to Randall ? Did he assist Eric to put up the wire ?

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