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Extraluminal Analog Network Video Presentation

Here is a video presentation of Eric Dollard showing his recent bench experiments with analog networks that demonstrate both transverse and longitudinal propagation. When used together, time is cancelled out of the equation so that information can transmit from one end of the system to the other with no time delay. That isn’t faster than the speed of light, it is instantaneous or extraluminal.

To see the pictures that accompany this video presentation go here:

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  1. Very interesting and extremely informative!! Could use some better presentation elements, but more than adequate and far less vague than most information on this subject. I’ve been researching day and night since I came across this subject, from the works of Thomas Moray King, Edwin Gray, Marconi, Reich, and many, MANY more (not to mention the infamous and personally revered Nikolai Tesla). If you need ANY assistance, I’d be more than willing to do help. I would honestly be extremely interested in helping directly but as an apprentice on the subject, I’d be more of use in a physical sense, as a laborer, until my knowledge matures on the subject. My name is Wesley Kimbel, I’m 21, and I reside in Tennessee. My email is if you’d like to get in touch at your earliest convenience. Thank you, sir, keep up the inspiring work!

    Also, I plan on writing a more in depth letter to your Lone Pine residence in case that I don’t receive a reply on here. Best of luck!

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