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Advanced Seismic Warning System Transmission Lines

Here is a set of pictures where I (Aaron Murakami) drove with Eric Dollard and Stephen McGreevy up to the transmission line site. The transmission lines are about 1.25 miles long, which makes this the largest scale Tesla-Alexanderson type transmission project in the world.

Part of the lines run adjacent to some power lines, which may cause interference so EPD Laboratories, Inc. may only use part of the lines.

We also drive up to an old seismic mine, which is now under the control of EPD Laboratories, Inc. There are 2 highly sophisticated seismographs, which will be used as part of the data to predict earthquakes 6.0 and above 48-72 hours ahead of time. The other 3 pieces of data is solar flux activity and above and below ground signals, which the transmission structure will receive.

A video will be coming soon explaining in detail what you see in the pictures below. It was very windy so some of the audio is hard to hear, but it will be left in the video so you get the raw uncut version.

2 thoughts on “Advanced Seismic Warning System Transmission Lines

  1. It’s a waste of time for the Professor to do anything but the seismic detection and Tesla-Alexanderson as he currently is, nothing more elaborate than that. Please do not promote anything else as this is enough.

    He needs to spend most of his time doing what he has been, simplifying equations and documenting technical specifications for equipment he used, vacuum tubes, etc. There are master glassblowers out there.

    The good doctor needs to document so the rest of us can carry on his invaluable work.

    Also, where is the youngster he considered a genius which helped him with his street light experiment. Where is this guy, can he be brought into the project to help carry it along?

  2. You probably know already about the relation of the sun’s activity and earthquakes and signs in the earth atmosphere? See Ben Davidson: Does the Sun Trigger Large Earthquakes? | Electric Universe Conference 2015 (36m20s talk)

    Kind regards

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