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The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity by Eric Dollard

We’re excited to launch The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity by Eric Dollard. It’s almost 4 hours long and is of one of the most important presentations he has ever given. And the layman can understand most of it.

It is not only a history lesson, it teaches about harmonics and how it relates to music and electricity but it actually goes way beyond that. You just have to at least read the entire website to see what it is really about by clicking on the link below. Plus… it discusses something very special and very, VERY important…

A HISTORICAL FIRST – for the first time ever, J.J. Thomson’s equations from Matter and Electricity have been clarified and straightened out so that they actually make sense. J.J. Thomson is the man who discovered the electron so paying attention to the rest of his work just may be worth paying attention to.

Why is this important? It is the actual foundation necessary to move in the direction of being able to directly engineer the aether both mathematically and in concrete form!

Get your copy here: The Power Of The Aether As Related To Music And Electricity

Thompson used some letters in his equations to represent certain things in one place and used the same letters elsewhere to represent something completely different, which obscures the importance of his work. Did Thomson do this on purpose to hide what he was up to? We can’t say for sure, but Eric Dollard has cracked open Thomson’s mess and gave continuity and much-needed clarity to it, which is one of the most important contributions to the science of the aether in over 100 years!

Although this presentation is nearly 4 hours and goes into a lot of depth on various related subjects, Eric Dollard considers it to be a basic primer to orient the viewer to these concepts. Later, he will be going much deeper into not just music and harmonics but into the work of J.J. Thomson, which he considers to be just as important as Tesla’s if not more and that is saying a lot.

Get your copy here: The Power Of The Aether As Related To Music And Electricity

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P.S. We’re going to extend the introductory discount for Jim Murray’s Dynaflux presentation a couple more days to give everyone a chance since there isn’t much time between the releases of the presentations.
Here is what has been released from the conference so far:

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11 thoughts on “The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity by Eric Dollard

  1. “Get your copy here” link is still bad on this page.

  2. Yeah, problematic in a few places – not sure why. Put in for support help with the programmer. I just pasted it here to see if it will work.

    1. It works when I just clicked it.

  3. are there any reviews from people of the academia on mr dollard’s works? i’ve read some “papers” of his recently and imho i don’t consider them to be publishable material for a serious scientific journal. mr dollard’s writing seems to be quite…. well… amateurish, if you pardon my language. it’s more instinctive and empirical backyard experiment garage-esque, than strict, solid scientific expression. and the prices are quite high, making me all the more sceptical about buying them.

    1. by the way, are you familiar with the cardinal law of amperian electrodynamics?


        German (“version of Eric P Dollard”) prof Meyl, if you’re short on time skip to 10:00 and watch till 20:00 . .

        1. Aaron, thanks for this good news. Understanding this all it might become the more important my suggestions are. Not picking up the right entry doesn’t bring anyone anywhere. To “overbluff” Meyl’s knowledge you only need to consider the fact that we know of two fundamental particles very well, being the electron and the proton. All the rest are transitional realities somewhere in between. The next fact is that every electron knows at any moment exactly where it is, how it moves related towards it’s environment and that probably counts for the proton as well. We’ve all measured this to happen at least twice in exactly the same way Remember the incredible measured frequencies the colder protons show. So the basic particles in numbers you cannot ignore are all capable of knowing and doing all that at any part of a moment we could consider. Are you ready for this level of analysing to any kind of predicting value? The place to start is when one is 17 and never has done homework like it should. If one discovers the main mistake being so easy to oversee as a consequence of a prepared position for nothing bewitched into an existing number zero you have to order truth out of (ex)plain(ed) logic. Every mistake in any system is good enough to disqualify. So I’m like a collector of mistakes to make as many as possible clear what mistakes really need repairing as well as possible. Physics is quite important but I did not read the books about it, other than checking out around the mistakes. I hope to keep learning as I choose to. It always was unacceptable to me to explain all the dirt and history I got to know about and by the way if I would meet someone who knew everything and possibly even in front of that; I would seriously knock him down and I do have serious experience in fatal situations like Eric. Aaron to analyse just this and having a quantum computer combine all knowledge with all scientists wouldn’t help because you can;t have the slightest idea of order. Since this is public I had to finish this way to stop any inappropriate insight. I am an accountable person of lower class origin. So if more and better talent has to do with potentially so many people everyone needs to get careful. Being ahead of the crowd and not able to address complicity, patience and more than this can become depressing when you discover that other transitions are quite more important than what you’ve picked up in physics. Mr. Lindemann is wrightfully concerned about the sharing of your knowledge, but yet it’s for sale. I intended to bridge such gaps for reason’s I mentioned already. I hope you can make the best out of this, yours sincerely Kees de Vos

    2. When academics can actually replicate Eric’s work on the bench, then their academic status will have value. Until then, documentation beats conversation and Eric is the one with the documented builds and working machines that demonstrate what the academics are unwilling to comprehend.

      1. and what are these groundbreaking results? if such results existed, no need for “cheap” books selling would arise, now would it? he’d be a millionaire already. or maybe you reffer to the never ending promises of “it will be over soon and the world will be shocked” that are of course never realised? scientists are unwilling to comprehend? oh yeah, the “only we possess this certain knowledge and everyone else is blind/dumb/an agent” scam is very famous in your circles… .

        1. If you’re incapable or too lazy to watch the demonstration videos that have been around for many years to see the experiments, then stop wasting everyone’s time.

        2. If you refuse to watch the demonstration videos that
          have been around for many years to see the experiments, then you’re wasting everyone’s time.

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