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Eric Dollard’s Advanced Seismic Warning System 2 on Indiegogo

Eric Dollard & EPD Laboratories, Inc.
Advanced Seismic Warning System 2.0

Eric Dollard & EPD Laboratories, Inc.



1 thought on “Eric Dollard’s Advanced Seismic Warning System 2 on Indiegogo

  1. Gosh I am the first to comment on Eric’s site. I feel honoured. I have been watching and
    following what you have said and done for about the last 12 years with great pleasure and interest. You have achieved and built amazing things and then had to face loosing them in the most harrowing circumstances. Yet you keep on giving of your knowledge and experience. I think you have certainly earned yourself a long and relaxing retirement.

    But I don’t suppose you will get it. You can’t stop experimenting. Like Newton you seem to
    have a mind forever voyaging. And I very much look forward to seeing what you create this time. I really started writing this just to express some gratitude for what you have given us and your amazing perseverance and fortitude. But I would like to say one thing. We are the same age and I have been lucky enough to have sons and grandsons. I have not read that you have. I really would like you among other things to give the youngsters some help and
    encouragement. You and I have a few years left yet but I would really like to see a group of youngsters who could take over from you and let you enjoy a bit more of a proper retirement. You could become more of a tutor than a researcher. I read about the young engineers who have been sponsored to come to the upcoming conference. Do you think something like that could happen?

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