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We have finally enabled comments on At the top of any blog post, simply click the LEAVE A COMMENT link or scroll to the bottom of the blog post and click in the box to comment. You can login to comment using Facebook, Google+, etc…

We are using the DISQUS comment system.

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  1. your past and current (no pun intended) lectures, and observations have reinvigorated a subject i spent my life laboring at. thank you.

  2. I’ll donate to your cause if you get listed on something like or similar website. These are great for raising funds. Much better than asking for donations via PayPal.

  3. When you said “They put a gun to your Face and say you make it work or else.” Is that what happened to you and if that is true why do you defended the navy or those people. And that line is same Preston Nichols uses, so is he stealing your story, he is a radio /microwave guy. or is his story your life with some exaggerations.

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