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2015-01-20 Eric Dollard Update

This covers the seismic project, Eric’s latest surgery, copyright fraud by Aether Force, the upcoming conference, etc.

If you want to see the truth about the person who is stealing Eric Dollard’s material and is making claims to all of Eric’s work, it’s right here: Aether Force Documentary


3 thoughts on “2015-01-20 Eric Dollard Update

  1. Aaron,
    Thanks to you and Eric for all your work. I happen to have an old friend who is in venture capital and is looking for new technology for his own personal investment. I will point him in your direction ASAP.
    Ray Savant is obviously a CIA lacky if not an agent himself. Be very careful how you deal with this scum. The same engine that suppressed Tesla’s original work is still operating full force. Be vigilant. You have friends that care.
    Bruce Tetley

  2. Thank you for the support Bruce! I think Techscumbie has too low of an IQ to actually be an agent, but is certainly dumb enough to be used as an agent of influence. Feel free to put anyone in contact with me.

  3. Do want this upcoming book! Hope you’re doing alright, Eric. Remember to stay focused on what works for you; There will always be noise/negativity thrown at you from all angles, but you know how to squelch that interference so you remain open to signals carrying the music you’re seeking. Time is precious insofar as we exercise our objective intent.

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