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Tesla 2.0

We received literally hundreds of emails about the Eric Dollard interview video on YouTube going private called Is Eric Dollard Tesla 2.0 by Union Features. Before that happened, there were literally thousands of views. Eric Dollard exposed a few people in that interview and they retaliated so the producers of that video, Union Features, made it private but re-uploaded an edited version here:

Even if you already saw the video, please play it for a moment and click the THUMBS UP button at the top right of the video to show Eric Dollard your support!  


DOWNLOAD THE UNCUT VERSION HERE: Quite a few people downloaded the original and they’re already uploading it to multiple places to preserve it. Click the following link, click the button that says Download This File, enter the captcha code and hit the button and it will download in a zip file. In the zip file is a high resolution mp4 of the entire uncut interview – there is no Copyright notice in the video but that doesn’t mean it isn’t copyrighted – check with Union Features if you have any questions:

3 thoughts on “Tesla 2.0

  1. Woah! Did anybody else catch that?! The last few seconds of the video Eric says “I regenerate my teth” woah again! Eric, how do you do that?!

  2. seen it before. entirely possible. he was quite accurate in his description as always. he lives outside and eats living food.

  3. What happened to this file? The link just goes to the main page for filedropper.

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