Aether Force Illegally Impersonating Eric Dollard

Rayam Azab Youssef aka Ray Savant aka Mohamed Youssef aka Techzombie of Aether Force has been illegally impersonating Eric Dollard on Facebook and was wrongfully using the Indiegogo campaign website as a slander board against Eric. Both Facebook and Indiegogo have removed these websites as required by law since they were in violation of the law because of Aether Force’s illegal impersonation of Eric Dollard and their own websites terms and conditions.

Ray Savant (Techzombie) has also been impersonating Eric with his Google Community page using Eric Dollard’s name. Eric has requested that Google remove the imposter’s site.


Aether Force debunked by former Aether Force members

Rayam Azab Youssef aka Ray Savant aka Mohamed Youssef aka Techzombie of Aether Force had made fraudulent allegations that Aaron Murakami had given Eric Dollard drugs.

Here is what Aetherforce’s own former members are saying about Techzombie’s claims:

“The entire 2 years I have known Eric I have never seen him do meth or have any behavior that suggests he is using meth.” – John Polakowski, Eric’s apprentice – READ JOHN POLAKOWSKI’S OWN POST

“In regard to Eric currently using meth, I have never seen him use it or had any indications of him being on meth in my experiences with him.” – David Wittekind, Former President of Eric’s lab – READ DAVID WITTEKIND’S OWN POST

“I want to add my 2 cents to this idea that has been thrown about where Eric has been accused of being on meth. In the two years that I have been in contact with a very open and honest Eric Dollard, he has never said anything to make me believe that he was continuing to use meth after the Landers station was taken from him. I do not believe that Eric is currently using meth.” – David Webster, former officer of Eric’s lab – READ DAVID WEBSTER’S OWN POST

Aether Force Fraud

Rayam Azab Youssef aka Ray Savant aka Mohamed Youssef aka Techzombie of Aether Force is the central figure in an attempt to sabotage Eric Dollard’s lab and to attack him personally.

Anonymous members helped to compile the information in this video, which reveals the lies, violence and psychopathic methods used by Rayam Azab Youssef aka Ray Savant aka Mohamed Youssef aka Techzombie of Aether Force.

You will see that although he accuses others of being violent, this person who is central to the attempts to sabotage Eric Dollard’s organization is one of the most violent people we have ever seen. You can see how he threatens violence against others and that is an understatement.

“Techzombie” is so afraid that people will find out that he had changed his legal name in the past to Ray Savant because tracking Ray Savant is the key to unlocking his entire psychopathic past.

That is a zipped file with the MP4 video of the documented evidence.

Aether Force Copyright Violations

Rayam Azab Youssef aka Ray Savant aka Mohamed Youssef aka Techzombie of Aether Force posts Eric Dollard’s copyrighted material without permission. Ray Savant is asked to remove it and he claims Aaron Murakami is a suppression agent because he is forced to remove material that doesn’t belong to him.

Ray Savant was selling Lone Pine Writings by Eric Dollard for $50 per copy and Eric Dollard never received a single penny from it. Not only that, Ray Savant has recently filed a fraudulent copyright registration for Eric’s book, which Eric never granted him publisher’s copyrights!

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