Alexanderson Antenna Coil Scale Replica

Shadowgraph Tube – Emission Pattern

An overall depiction of the lobes and patterns associated with the rays emanating from a typical Shadowgraph (Radiant Matter) Tube.

The Tesla Shadowgraph Tube & Similar Effects Replicated

Gallery of Shadowgraphs

Detailed Explanation

New Photos of the Grimeton Alexanderson Station in Sweden

SAQ Station

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Telluric Earth-Ground Work At Tonopah – August 2022

Recently, fellow colleague Hakasays had designated time to visit Eric Dollard in Tonopah, and assist in finalizing the Earth ground connection at the lab site. Further testing was accomplished after welding of the water tanks was completed, of which radio frequency was supplied to the connection via a coil setup. Read more

Telluric Research

This section is dedicated to work being conducted by both EPD Laboratories and associates who are contributing to the development of Nikola Tesla’s Wireless Earth transmission.

Cosmic Light Bulb

The purpose of this page is to present information on experiments involving cosmic induction phenomena, being carried out by EPD Laboratories and relating associates. This section contains images and pictorial detail of special formations occurring in high vacuum and gaseous environments. 

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