Eric’s Rebuilt Toyota Corolla Engine

Thanks to everyone that contributed to help Eric get his engine rebuilt. It was a successful trip to Spokane that started as a one week trip and wound up being a five week adventure. More to come on what we worked on soon!

I had to fix a fuel leak on my Datsun pickup the same time we were putting some finished touches on the rebuild for Eric’s Toyota. Always a pleasure to work on these old classics!


Here is the freshly rebuilt 3TC engine – first time Eric had someone else do this much work on his car so it’s not all built by his own hands anymore but it’s a beautiful job and will last for years. This car is not only Eric’s transportation, it’s his primary home as well so everyone that contributed to this project helped Eric out more than words can say.


We’ll post some other updates on what we were doing up here as well as some long-needed changes to EPD Laboratories, Inc. and the board of directors. Stay tuned and please donate with the PayPal link in the right column!

  • Christopher Peter Droukas

    Hi, Amy. bulbs for ash tray

  • Khalif Foster

    Hi, since it is rebuild that means it is rebuild with Aether Technology or/and lesser technology that is renew energy.

  • Rod Hollens-Arnold

    Awaiting the next chapter – how is Eric’s health?

  • T Groh

    Glad your car is fixed! Hope your feeling better. The way you explain and deliver the information will either makes sense to you or you will come out your skin. You have to get away from the theory part and work with tangible math which is (Experience). The industry has been jerking off engineers for decades those times have changed.. You will be a carbon print in humanity..

  • T Groh

    Glad your car is fixed! I’m sure your burnt out on youtube videos and everyone talking your head off whoa!.. Your a huge inspiration. Get well soon the world needs you back!!
    Best Regards.

  • djdoublejump

    I was thinking the same thing as Khalif, is this a regular combustion engine or did it get an aether mod?